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Pet Products


Coming soon - New products for dogs!

Over the years, we’ve had numerous requests for modern pet products. Well, rest assured - we’ve heard the call and we’re gearing up to offer a small line of products for the puppers in your life. This will include a cedar dog bed frame, personalized dog hooks and a collapsable dog bench to assist our 4 legged friends to get in bed.

Pig and Fish_Dog Bed

Make it Cozy

Our cedar dog bed frames hug the interior cushion to create a very plush and super cozy spot for your furry friends - don’t be surprised if the cat tries to take over.

Koko Approved_fix.jpg


Don’t say we didn’t warn you…if you have cats and dogs, the cats will automatically assume you got them a new bed. “Dog? What dog? This is MINE!” Koko is shown here scoping out the new territory, getting ready to assume his new castle of cozy fluff.

Personalized dog hooks

Our new dog hooks can be personalized with your puppers name so they have their own hook - awesome for jackets, leashes and collars. Our deep single hook has ample room to hang multiple items in one designated spot. No more hunting around the house for the dog’s leash or forgetting where you put their collar! Now you can organize everything by the door and be ready for some outdoor adventuring with your dog!

Loki Hook_2.jpg
Loki Hook_3.jpg